Import PST to Office 365 – Best Solution for MS Outlook Users

Microsoft 365

In 2010, facing high competition from Google similar services, Microsoft developed the Office 365 platform, to bring its existing online services into an always up to date cloud services.  Office 365 provides you the larger email storage facilities, and helps you in accessing all your emails from anywhere at any time, and on any device. Many a time users asking to me, that how they can import PST file to MS Office 365 Account. So, in this article we are going to discuss about it benefits of Office 365 and how we can convert PST file in Office 365 etc.

Many users of the firm are not aware about the Microsoft Office 365. They overlook the real benefit of Office 365. Office 365 not only provides Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. from the cloud but also some new additional features which is beneficial for users.

Benefits of Office 365

  • Microsoft 365 is capable to work from anywhere at any time, because it is a cloud based productivity platform. You can access your email files and other data from any location and device.
  • In Office 365 you can create new collaboration in minutes. It is developed with specific features which can help you efficiently as much as possible. In this software your team can work closely on the project without any hang ups such as lack of program consistency across system.
  • Microsoft Office 365 is having advanced security features which protect your valuable data from common attacks such as malware, viruses, spam, and phishing schemes.
  • One of the best features of Office 365 application is that in this you can choose the tools you required, because Microsoft is a rich collection of business applications. So, you can easily select them and add to your Office 365 home display. And run them from any place.

Switch to Office 365. Why?

There are many companies who are using old version technology because they feel the task transferring all the data on new platform is very difficult. And they also think that their current platform is better because all the staff is looking familiar with the work style of the firm. But now a day employees are using modern technology as it is more creative, advanced and productive which helps in their working process. To increase productivity, both small size and medium size companies should migrate to Office 365. It is very efficient and excellent features at very low cost.

How to Import PST to Office 365 Account?

Today Office 365 is most technologically advanced and sophisticated Office tool available in business world. It is created with advanced features which helps the organization in achieving the desired goals. if you are running a small or medium size business than you should shift to Office 365 because it provides you all the features and tools used by big organization.

Export to a PST File

  • First move to the Control Panel and click Mail.
  • Then go on the Mail Setup dialog box, and click the Show Profiles button.
  • Now come to Mail dialog box, and click the drag-down arrow under Always use this profile option. Then you have to select Outlook, and click Apply > OK.
  • Now install Microsoft Outlook on your system. On the taskbar, you need to click the File tab > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  • On the Import and Export Wizard, you have to select Export to a file. And click Next to continue the process.
  • On the Export to a File dialog box, choose Outlook Data File (PST). And click Next to continue the process.
  • Now on the Export Outlook Data File dialog box, you can either select the entire PST file or any specific mailbox folder. And click Next to continue the process.
  • Click the Browse button to describe a location where you want to create this new PST file. Now choose a name for this file and click OK to save it.
  • Now select the option whether you want to avoid duplicate items or not. Finally, click Finish.

Import PST File

  • First, you have to open Microsoft Outlook on your system. And then on the taskbar, click the File tab > Open & Export.
  • Now on the Import and Export Wizard, select Import from another program or file. And to continue the process click next.
  • On the Import a File dialog box, you have to choose Outlook Data File (PST). And tab the Next button for further process.
  • On the Import Outlook Data File dialog box, click the Browse button to locate the PST file you want to import. And select the PST file, now click Open button.
  • Now select the option Do not import duplicates, and click Next to continue the process. Finally, click Finish.


Why choose Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Tool?

 This PST to Office 365 Migration tool is provided by Regain Software as a multi functional utility. It is full of features developed to facilitate the business organization to increase their productivity and improve daily working conditions. While Office 365 can drastically improve the way in which your company operates. It is an affordable solution to data migration in just a few clicks. It is a understandable software with the easy-to-use process.