How to Resolve Error 0x80040600 in Microsoft Outlook?

Commonly, while we use Microsoft Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2019 to send or receive emails and receive the following unknown error 0x80040600. When this error occurs, it blocked all activities in Outlook related to file and folder. It will occur in any MS Outlook version. You can use free tools to resolve or fix this problem like ‘scanpst.exe’. Follow the steps below explained to get freed out with the error:

1. Close MS Outlook to run the ‘scanpst.exe’ inbox repair tool.

2. Go to search option in the Start menu and type SCANPST.EXE to locate it.

3. Double click on SCANPST.EXE and click on Browse to locate the corrupted MS Outlook PST file.

4. To start the recovery process Click the Scan button.

5. A message will appear on the screen and asking for Create Backup, to continue to click OK.

Reason for Outlook Error 0x80040600 is PST file corruption

Generally, error 0x80040600 occurs in MS Outlook due to the overload of the PST files. The entire MS Outlook version has a storage limit to store PST files. To avoid 0x80040600 errors you need to maintain or check its storage from time to time. When a user crosses the storage limits then PST files gets corrupted and then automatically this 0x80040600 error displays. It can also occur due to affected by the virus on a personal system of user or due to the use of corrupted software or external drive.

Method to avoid the Error 0x80040600 in MS Outlook

•    Create a backup of PST files regularly. It is essential and useful during file recovery or during upgrade version of Outlook

•    Suspect as soon as PST files corruption first my own, look for the possible remedy and avoid application close unexpectedly as much as possible.

•    Delete unwanted emails and data take away with the help of PST files and folders to avoid exceed storage limit problems.

•    You can use authenticated software only and keep antivirus program up-to-date.

•    To avoid system close suddenly, close MS Outlook application then after other running applications.

•    You need to modify the PST files storage limit in the versions or never store files above the 2GB limit.

The method mentioned above helps you to prevent corruption issues in any version of MS Outlook. If you are following this method even when you find Outlook errors, you can use the PST repair tool. Regain Outlook PST Recovery software is famous for possessing the same capabilities. This software fixes the hang on the error and creates new PST files immediately. Check out the steps mentioned below to recover affected PST files instantly:

1.    Launch it after downloading and installing the software.

2.    Choose Search option for the unknown location or Browse option for known location of the PST files.

3.    After choosing the PST file source, select Repair single or Repair multiple files from the option as you need.

4.    To start the recovery process choose recovery mode and click the Finish button.

5.    The software will start scanning and fixing the error 0x80040600 then you can enlist your recovered PST file in a hierarchical way.

6.    To verify the contents and attributes of the file click on the Preview option.

7.    Click save button and choose the file format from the option Select Output to save the repaired or recovered files. With the help of these methods, you will recover 100% complete PST files and get flawless Outlook files access to experience and enjoy it. You can use software and method mentioned above to solve the error in any version of MS Outlook.

You can download the free trial version of this application from here. Free version will show you the preview of all recoverable data.