Don’t Waste Time! Convert Mac Outlook Archive to PST Using Expert Method

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Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows are popular email clients that are used by large population on different operating system respectively. When you are working on Mac Outlook system, you may require converting your Mac Outlook Archive to Outlook PST format. This may be happen due to many reasons like – you may need to access OLM file on Windows Outlook or you may move your data from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

However, let me tell you that Windows Outlook does not support the Mac Outlook (OLM) file format because it stores its data in PST format.  One more thing, windows Outlook requires Windows Operating System which has simpler interface as we compare to Mac Outlook. These are the common reason behind the conversion of Mac Outlook Archive to PST.

Therefore, if you are looking to convert Mac Outlook archive to PST with the manual method then you will require lots of technical knowledge. Manual method is lengthier and time consuming as well.  But, we also have the professional solution to export Mac Outlook Archive to PST efficiently without any technical expertise. So, in this article, we will discuss the process for conversion which can be either manual or professional solution. In this article we will provide you all the explanation related to the process of manual as well as the professional method that helps you in export Outlook for Mac Archive to PST.

Let’s look at why we prefer the automated tool over the manual method.

Reason to Choose Automated Over Manual Method

Mac Outlook Converter

  1. Allows Mac Outlook to PST to be exported in more than 5 file formats
  2. Keeps on-disk folder hierarchy
  3. Converts selective data by applying date filter option
  4. Split oversized PST file into small & manageable size
  5. It does not need any supportive tools ( standalone application)
  6. Workable on all latest Mac OS X version
  7. Allow emails to be exported along with their attachments

Outlook Mac Exporter

  1. Allows you to convert the Mac Outlook archive to a PST file
  2. Keep the original folder structure intact during whole process
  3. It is a standalone application that does not require any supporting tools
  4. To reduce the corruption issues, split large PST file in smaller one
  5. Export selective data items from Mac Outlook to PST format

Read the next section carefully to check how the automated tool works.

Steps for Converting Mac Outlook Archive to PST

  1. Export Mac Outlook OLM file
  2. Convert Mac Outlook OLM file into Windows PST
  3. Import PST file into Windows Outlook

Export Mac Outlook OLM file

  • Open Mac Outlook, move to Tools menu and click the Export button
MAC OLM to Outlook PST Converter
  • Now select the appropriate data items in the Export to archive file window
OLM Archive to Outlook PST Converter
  • Search the target folder for OLM file and then click on the Save button
Export OLM Emails to PST file
  • when the exporting process completes Click on the Finish button

Your selected data items are successfully exported to your desired location. Check it in your desired location if you want to access the exported OLM files.

Convert Mac Outlook OLM file into Windows PST

  • Install OLM to PST Converter software and open it.
OLM to PST Converter
  • Now, select the Mac Outlook file that you want to convert and click open.
Select OLM file for Conversion
  • Wait for a while, as selected Mac Outlook file is scanning.
Export MAC Outlook Emails to MS Outlook PST file
  • Once the scanning process completes, its shows you preview of all the scanned Mac Outlook emails.
Convert OLM to PST
  • Here, you need to choose file format in which you want to save your MAC Outlook emails.
OLM to PST Conversion tool
  • Now the conversion process started. Wait a little till the conversion of Mac Outlook file to PST completes.
OLM Exporter
  • Once the conversion process completes, your Mac Outlook file is successfully saved in PST format at desired location.
OLM Migration tool

After the process is complete, navigate to the desired location where you will receive the PST file for Outlook for Mac Archive.

Import PST file into Windows Outlook

• Open Windows Outlook and navigate to the File option
• Select the Import / Export option to add a PST file
• Select Import from another program in the file and clicks the Next button
• from the desired location browse the converted PST file
• Click the Finish button to start the process

Wait a little while the process completes. Open the Windows Outlook and now you can access the data items that you have exported from Mac Outlook.

 The reason behind not explaining the manual solution is written below just take a look.

Consequences of the Manual Method

If we talk about the manual process to convert Mac Outlook Archive to PST; I would like to say that this process is of course free but it takes long time and efforts for completion. It requires lots of technical knowledge to perform the multiple stages steps and if a step is missed somehow, then the whole process gets failed. And one more thing, while using manual method high degree of risk involved which may lead to data loss or file corruption issues. We have listed some other limitations of this manual method below, just take a look at it:

• Need technical support for execution
• Time consuming and longer process
• Additional settings may be required
• Size problems and security as well
• the data accuracy is not maintained

As you have seen that manual method has lots of drawbacks that’s why we have only explained the professional solution in this article.

The Last Line

Hopefully by now you may have come to know about the drawbacks of manual method and if you just follow the steps above, you can easily export the Mac Outlook file archive to PST. The above method will help you easily convert the Mac Outlook file archive to PST. This professional tool is an outstanding tool for smooth Mac Outlook archive to PST conversion in couple of steps. In this tool no complex settings are required while conversion. It even includes filter option to export selected file data.

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