How to Convert PST to MBOX for Free?

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Summary: In this blog, we are going to discuss on topic- how a user can convert Outlook PST file to MBOX file format in easy way? We’ll find out the various needs for the conversion of PST to MBOX file format. Here, we will also explain the procedure of manual method to convert mailbox data from Outlook PST to MBOX and suggest you an automated OST to PST Converter for 100% successful file conversion.

It would be inappropriate if we deny the presence of Microsoft Outlook if we talk about various email and email handling applications used by users around the world. Why I am saying this, you already know, but if you do not know then I would like to tell you that Outlook is a popular and most preferred email client, which works on both Windows and Mac systems. In addition, it is considered the best email client for businesses, businesses, organizations and individuals as it is loaded with many latest data security and advance features.

As you know that Microsoft Outlook is versioned for the Mac platform too, therefore Mac users sometimes need to convert their PST file to MBOX. But, one question must arise in your mind that why do Mac users convert their Outlook PST file to MBOX? To get the answer of this question read this article carefully.

Why do we need Outlook PST to MBOX Conversion?

  • A common reason that is coming up is that when users change their jobs from one organization to another it becomes necessary for them to convert the PST file to MBOX file format. If the mailing format of their organization is different from another. 
  • Outlook files corruption issues are another major reason behind the Outlook PST file conversion. Because, sometimes a hard drive also crashes, causing complete data loss.
  • When users shift from Windows operating system to Mac operation system, then in this situation also users must need to transfer their Outlook mailbox data to desired format.

I hope you now finally understand the main reason for the conversion. So, let us now talk about the manual solution and its process for converting PST file data to MBOX file.

Convert PST files to MBOX format using Manual Approach

In this manual method for conversion, we will discuss how to convert PST to MBOX by installing Outlook on the system.

  1. Install and open the MAC outlook on the Mac book for conversion
  2. Navigate to File>> Menu>> Import option.
  3. A new window will appear select the outlook data file and click Next
  4. Under Choose a File Type wizard, simply choose the Outlook for Windows Data File(.pst)
  5. Now, upload the PST file on Mac Outlook and check the data folder in PST file
  6. Now, drag and drop the PST folder in the desktop. By doing so, the PST file will be converted to MBOX format
  7. Once it converted, easily import the converted MBOX file to MBOX supported Mac Mail application

If you follow the manual method described above step by step, you will be able to transfer all your Outlook PST file data to MBOX file format. It does have some limitations; however, we’ve mentioned a few of them below.

Limitations of manual Approach

  • Manual approach can only work if user wants to transfer PST to Mac Mail MBOX format.
  • It is very difficult for the non technical background users to handle the process.
  • It is very time consuming and each step must be followed carefully to move the PST file to MBOX format.
  • If you accidentally miss even one step, your entire data is at risk of being lost.

After knowing the several limitations of this manual method, I don’t think this is the best choice for you to execute PST to MBOX conversion. If you take my advice, then you should use an automated tool instead of manual method that can successfully convert your Outlook PST to MBOX file. One such tool is – PST to MBOX Converter tool. Read the next section to know more about this software.  

Use Professional PST to MBOX Converter for Complete Conversion

You do not have to worry in the slightest, as there are many other reliable ways available to convert Outlook PST to MBOX format and that too without Outlook installation. You should try our tool once, instead of relying on manual method. Our tool comes up with latest & updated features that smoothly convert PST files to MBOX file supported by various email clients. The software never let you down and keeps delivering you satisfactory results every time .

How to perform the action?

  • Install and run the PST to MBOX Converter tool on your device
  • Select the ADD files option, and choose the desired PST File for conversion and click on “Open”
  • Now watch the preview of scanned PST mailboxes in details before conversion
  • Here you need to provide a destination path to save MBOX file that you have converted
  • The software save the MBOX file, as soon as you click on the “Save Now” option
  • Finally, you will get a notification message as – “saving process has been completed”

Now, you can import the converted MBOX file into MBOX supported email client to access the data information easily.


In this blog I have discussed both manual and automated methods to Convert PST files to MBOX. Through this, you have come to know about some shortcomings in the manual method. Manual method takes a lot of time to do. While the automated methods we discussed above are very easy. Here at RegainTechnologies Software, we have Outlook to MBOX converter tool which is easy to operate and easily converts Outlook PST to MBOX file format. For efficiency testing you can try our free version. Our software is safe and provides you 100% satisfactory results all the time without any issues. This software is designed with latest security technology, to keep our user’s valuable data in safe condition.

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