How to Recover Public Folder in Exchange Server which was Accidently Deleted ?

Days are gone when we end up with regret when we delete stuff accidently. But it is very vital to recover Exchange Server public folder if it is deleted by mistake.


Why do you care for Public Folders?

Public folders are mainly created for companies to collect, distribute and organize company information within the workplace and the group. In these Public folders, all the data stored is kept in specific destinations like Public Folder databases. In these folders, the data is stored in EDB format like others.

Since Public folders have classified information of the company in shared space. This way, even an accident on any part can cause disaster. Public folders may have classified information or plans which could be very valuable. This is why, we don’t want to lose or delete Public folder even by accident.

Steps to Recover Accidently Deleted Exchange Server Public Folder

Suppose the worst you have afraid of happened as you have accidently deleted Public folder in Exchange server. It could mean you have lost millions of the company. This way, you need to recover the complete Public folder. Don’t worry. We are here with a solution. You can recover Public folder actually. Here are the two options to recover Exchange server Public folder which was accidently deleted –

  • You need some skills to recover public folder manually.
  • By using third-party professional software.

In this guide, we will discuss both of these methods to help you pick the best one to recover Public folder.


Method One – Manual Approach with Exchange Management Console

Keep in mind that you need to restore Exchange database from Exchange Backup to any other location with Windows server backup utility before recovering public folder.

  • Start Exchange Management Console. Select ‘Server Configuration’ under Microsoft Exchange Option and choose Mailbox.
  • Choose Exchange Server credential/name from the servers listed
  • Mention the name of public folder you want to recover
  • Select the option ‘Dismount database’ from right click menu and dismount the same
  • Right click and open Properties
  • Choose the box at the bottom “This database can be overwritten by restore”
  • Apply the selected setting
Recover Public Folder Database

To restore Public Folder, replace the public folder which is restored to dismounted location.

  • Copy the public folder database which is restore to the location you want to restore the Exchange Public folder database. The default path is C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox
  • Rename the old database you like. Paste the Public Folder Database which is restored. Be sure pasted name of Public Folder Database which is similar to earlier database.
  • Open Exchange Management Console and click the option ‘Remount’ to remount Public folder database
Method 2 – Professional Tool for Recovery

This method has a bit of edge over the last method. There is no need to make backup for recovery. Here’s how to recover public folder with Regain Exchange Server Recovery Tool.

  • First of all, download Exchange Server Recovery tool.
  • Run the software and launch it.
  • Go to Connect under File Menu.
  • Click Global Catalog under Public folders
  • Go to top-level folder at Public Folder tree
  • Right click and Show deleted subfolders. After doing the same, see deleted folder in red.
  • Click on the folder which appeared again in red and click “Recover Folder”.
  • It will recover the deleted Public Folder and it can be accessible.

These were the steps to manually recover Exchange Public folders which were accidently deleted. However, these methods also have their drawbacks to recover public folder.

These are some of the problems with manual recovery of accidently deleted Public folder -

The process to recover Exchange public folder is very complex and it consists of a lot of steps. You have to admit that you need experience and skills to do this task. Even a small mistake can cause huge disaster and you cannot ignore this fact. If you want effective and easy recovery while avoiding those mistakes, there is a smart step for you.


Alternative Method – Download Exchange Database Recovery Tool

The Exchange Recovery Tool is a professional recovery and backup utility which can recover whole database with few clicks. It is a powerful tool and it works at superior pace to restore and recover Public EDB file or Single Source mailbox to Office 365 Public Folder, Live Exchange Server or Archive Mailbox. This tool makes it whole lot easier to recover Public folder for even the beginners.

Why go with this tool?

With this tool, you can rest assured to secure your data and ensure that you won’t lose any database item. You are 100% assured that you can get accurate results without making things complex. This tool is trusted and reliable for users. If you want to recover any corrupt EDB file or any Public folder which is accidentally deleted, it is the best software.

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