Resolve Exchange 2010 Error “Unable to Mount Database”?

Are you using Exchange Server 2010, 2013 or 2016 and is showing the error “Unable to mount database”, you need to learn how transaction logs work. A transaction log is the heart and soul of Exchange Server. It helps maintain smooth functioning of the server. Every transaction on the server is being written in log files which are committed to database. It remains the transaction logs and system memory until transaction is not saved in database.

In case of any crash in this event, you might lose the content from memory when doing reboot, as it was not saved completely on the Exchange database files. This is where transaction logs come into play. They are the strong recovery system to recover the data to safety at an Exchange database.

If you cannot mount the database to Exchange Server, you might get this error message –

“Exchange is unable to mount the database you specified.

Specified Database - d1cdba46-6f79-46f2- ba14-3ae2fa8aad43; Error code:

MapiExceptionCallFailed: Unable to mount database. (hr=0x80004005,ec=-2147467259)”

Causes of Exchange Server Databse Errors

  • Transaction logs deleted, which was supposed to be committed in database
  • Dirty shutdown
  • Corrupt database

Microsoft offers Eseutil tool to figure out and ensure whether database is shutdown well. If it is in clean state, this tool can fix the issues and get the database in constant state. In case data is not in consistent state, you can restore the information well from backup with the following steps.

How to Resolve Exchange Database Errors?

Removing log files is one of the main reasons because of which it may not be able to mount. To resolve this issue, you need to check the consistency of the software.

Soft Repair Steps to verify and repair Inconsistent Database

You can perform soft repair with the use of Eseutil tool. It can be of great help when it comes to re-mount the database after sudden stop. Here are the steps to follow -

  • Run mh/eseutil command
  • If it shows dirty shutdown state in the output, database might be missing transaction log.
  • To bring back database to consistent state, it is vital to replay log files in database. This way, you can run command in ESEUTIL - eseutil /r /l /d
  • Provide location where logs are stored, such as - G:\E_\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Mailbox\DAGDB1
  • After completing the repair process, perform this action again. Run the command eseutil/mh. By doing so, you can easily verify database in clean shutdown state.
  • You can now mount database back to Exchange with this command – Mount-MailboxDatabase -Identity '-DAGDB1.edb'

If you still cannot mount the database, verify the transaction log consistency.

Hard Repair to Verify and Repair Database Logs

Eseutil tool really comes handy for hard repair to test database for any of the damaged pages. This tool will delete those pages, if any. Run the following command for hard repair – Eseutil /p '\DAGDB1.edb

If you still cannot mount the database, In that case I suggest you to use the third-party Regain EDB to PST Converter software for Exchange Server Recovery, a handy tool to recover data in any case of damage efficiently, even when Eseutil tool cannot deliver the desired outcome. This way, Regain EDB to PST Converter is a cutting-edge tool to retrieve corrupt or damaged Exchange database files, without using Exchange services or log files. This tool enables you to recover EDB files to Live Office 365 mailbox and Exchange Server.

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