How to Import or Open Outlook for Mac OLM File into Outlook for Windows

Now days, Microsoft Outlook is a most preferred email client for users. Microsoft Outlook can be used on both the operating system Mac and Windows. If we see the functions of both operating system, than they look similar to each other, but there is a one difference between them that is the data storage format of both. Outlook for Mac is using OLM file format to storing all its data, where as MS Windows Outlook is using PST and OST file format to storing all its data. If you want to access your Mac Outlook data on Windows, then you have to migrate the OLM file format into PST file format because Windows Outlook cannot respond to OLM file format. There is no any other alternative technique which helps you to Import or Open  Mac OLM file into Windows Outlook PST file.

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MBOX Converter – Export Mac Outlook Emails to PST File

Today we will discuss about how to export Mac Outlook Emails to Windows Outlook PST format. we will serve various kinds of users who want to export MBOX file to PST file format. in this article we are going to summarize all the information you want to know about the export process and you will also get to know the limitations and advantages of both.

Export Mac Outlook Emails to Outlook PST 

There are two different types of email files, such as MBOX and PST. The MBOX files is used by some email programs to store the email messages, such as MBOX is the only file format supported by various email clients which include Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Incredimail, MozillaMail, Spicebird, Eudora, Pocomail, Netscape, Entourage, OperaMail, ClawsMail, SeaMonkey, Sylpheed, Evolution, etc. An MBOX file can only be opened in the respective email client. Whereas Microsoft Outlook is the only email client that supports the PST file format. So if you’re switching from any other email client to MS Outlook, you must convert MBOX files to PST file format. And there are two methods to convert MBOX file to Outlook PST file.

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Best Ways to Convert OLM to PST File

In this article, we are going to discuss here how we can convert OLM to PST manually. We will discuss two methods here; one is a manual method while another is a Professional solution to migrate OLM files to Outlook PST. The most emerging questions from users are how to convert OLM to PST free.

Many times, when users want to move from Mac Outlook email client to Windows Outlook, they have to convert the OLM file to PST format because we know that Outlook for Windows only supports PST file (OST when connected to Exchange) to store user mailbox data, whereas Mac Outlook uses OLM files to store user mailbox data.

In addition, MS Outlook stores its data in the form of a personal storage table called PST, which makes it easy to keep a backup copy of PST files. MS Outlook has advance security functions to protect data and files stored by users. So, before we discuss the technique to convert OLM to PST safely. Let us first understand some of the main factors that are responsible for such conversions.

Main reasons for conversion from OLM to PST

We all are aware that MS Outlook for Windows does not support the OLM file format. In order to access OLM files in MS Outlook for Windows, users need to convert OLM files to PST first. After conversion, users can import the PST file into Outlook for Windows for easy access to the data stored in it. So if anyone wants to migrate Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook, then they need to perform OLM to PST conversion.

Here are some reasons that require users to convert OLM to PST format –

  • When users shift from Mac system to Windows system, users have to move from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. Therefore, users need OLM to PST converter for conversion.
  • For a short time, if a user uses an Outlook for Mac system at office or home. But later, to open their email on the Outlook for Windows system, they need to convert their OLM to PST file format. And for this they require OLM to PST Converter to execute the conversion process.
  • OLM doesn’t allow automatic syncing of folders like drafts, deleted items, etc. for Gmail.
  • Mac Outlook doesn’t allow its users to access Office 365 groups.

Here we have talked about some important issues that are causing users to transfer OLM to PST. So let’s go ahead without any further delay and discuss the two different techniques for migrating OLM files to PST file format.

#1. Manual Method

Steps to Convert OLM to PST Manually  

This manual method is divided into four main steps. You need to follow the entire steps one after one to convert OLM to PST file –

Step 1: First create an IMAP Account via Gmail account

  1. After creating Gmail account and move to its settings. Here, you will see forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, just click on it and enable your IMAP status. And save it.

Step 2: Configure Outlook for Mac with IMAP Account

  1. After creating IMAP account, you need to set up the Outlook for Mac and configure Outlook for Mac with IMAP Mail account.
  2. For this you need to open Outlook for Mac on your device. Click on the tool box and choose account option from the list appeared.
  3. Now select emails from the Account Window. And fill the email id, password, and other details.
  4. Next, you need to enter IMAP server and choose SSL connection along with SMTP server and 465 as a port number ; then click Add Account.

Step 3: Create a Gmail Label

  1. First, you have to log in to your Gmail account. And click the Gear button on the top on the right side.
  2. Now click on the Setting page, and click the Labels tab. Now click on Create new label button.
  3. Here, on the New Label dialog box, enter the new label name. And click the create button.
  4. After this, you need to go to your Mac Outlook and updates and IMAP mailbox by clicking on the send/received tab.

Step 4: Move Emails from Mac Outlook to IMAP Mailbox.

  1. First you have to open Outlook for Mac on your system.
  2. Now right click any mailbox item you want to move. Then click move > copy to folder.
  3. Now type the name of your IMAP folder and click copy.
  4. After copying the selected mailbox data to IMAP mailbox, you have to update your Mac Outlook IMAP folder by clicking the Send /Received button.

This is how you can manually convert OLM to PST. This Manual technique is only suitable when the size of your OLM files is small.

#2. Professional Method

OLM to PST Converter is brilliant software for the OLM to PST conversion solution which is created to effectively convert OLM to PST or Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows. This OLM to PST converter is very powerful and equipped with advance feature that convert OLM to PST fileformat with great ease and speed. This software gives you 100% data security and offers desired results after finishing the conversion task. This OLM to PST Converter also ensures that you don’t have to perform a complex steps for conversion. So, if you are searching for OLM to PST Converter solution than you should use this OLM to PST Converter. This software is capable to convert your OLM to PST files with high accuracy and fast speed without losing any data.  

Steps to Convert OLM to PST via Professional Technique

Step 1: Run OLM to PST Converter and click ‘Add File’ to upload OLM file in the software.

Step 2: Select Folder having OLM files and click the Open button.

Step 3: Now you will get all preview of all OLM file ready for conversion.

Step 4: Select PST as saving option and choose specific ‘Destination Path’ where you want to save output file.

Step 5: Finally, your OLM file has been converted to PST file format.

With these 5 simple steps, the user can easily convert OLM to Outlook PST format in a short period of time without any error.  

Why choose this Software?

  • Converts entire emails with associated attachments
  • Directly export OLM mailbox data to Office 365
  • Also, migrate OLM data to Live Exchange Server directly
  • No file size limitation
  • Supports batch conversion of OLM files
  • Works on both Mac as well as Windows system
  • Allows selective conversion of OLM file data

Final Words

As you have seen, we have offered two different methods to convert OLM to PST manually and with a professional method. In addition, the manual methods take longer to convert OLM to PST and therefore do not meet larger conversion requirements. According to our hold, third-party software converting OLM to PST is more effective because of its faster execution, broader functionality, error-free conversion rates, and a more seamless overall experience.    

Import PST to Office 365 – Best Solution for MS Outlook Users

Microsoft 365

In 2010, facing high competition from Google similar services, Microsoft developed the Office 365 platform, to bring its existing online services into an always up to date cloud services.  Office 365 provides you the larger email storage facilities, and helps you in accessing all your emails from anywhere at any time, and on any device. Many a time users asking to me, that how they can import PST file to MS Office 365 Account. So, in this article we are going to discuss about it benefits of Office 365 and how we can convert PST file in Office 365 etc.

Many users of the firm are not aware about the Microsoft Office 365. They overlook the real benefit of Office 365. Office 365 not only provides Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. from the cloud but also some new additional features which is beneficial for users.

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Export Lotus Notes DXL Mailbox to Outlook PST with Regain DXL to PST Converter Software

Our company developed DXL to PST Converter software for Lotus Notes Domino users to perform the conversion from Lotus Notes DXL file to Outlook PST format. You can convert multiple DXL file to PST format effortlessly in just few steps. This software is capable in converting DXL mailbox items such as, contact, calendar, task, notes, journals, etc. without changing anything to its original format.

DXL to PST Converter is fast and secure, because it is very easy to operate and in few steps you can convert your DXL file to PST file format without losing any data. It maintains the principle of all data and will not change anything to its original format.

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How to Migrate OLM Files into Office 365 Mailboxes directly – Complete Guide

Are you looking for an instant solution to migrate OLM files into Office 365 mailboxes? If yes, then this article is just for you. Here you will get both manual as well as automated solution with complete working procedure, which will help you in moving Outlook for Mac data to cloud account without facing any challenge.

If we talk about Microsoft Office application, we find MS Outlook the most popular and preferred email application nowadays mostly used by business and personal users. It works on both Windows operating system and Mac Operating system. Now, if you’re asking about a difference between these two, the supported file format used for data storage is just the difference between these two operating systems. Windows Outlook uses the PST file format; While Mac Outlook 2011 uses the OLM file format to store its data.

Nowadays, a large number of businesses and small scale organization are moving from Mac Outlook to Office 365 as it is the safest backup place and it is cost effective too.  Mac Outlook stores all of the user’s database files in the system folder, not on web, due to which users’ database files are not secured or are prone to corruption. While, Office 365 platform provides large and secured data storage services to its users. Users can access it on any system by just entering the correct Office 365 login details. This is the main reason why most of the users prefer cloud migration.

In case, if you are a Mac user that uses OLM data files and want to export OLM file to Office 365 without using the Outlook for Mac system. For this, first of all you need to convert OLM file to PST file format and after the complete conversion of files, then you can import converted PST file into Office 365 platform.

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How to Export EML Files from Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST File

Summary: Here in this article user will get simple step-by-step guide to convert Windows Live Mail to PST format for free using manual methods. We have also discussed an automated solution that users can try if they fail to manually export email from Windows Live Mail to Outlook. When a user wants to switch from Windows Live Mail email client to Outlook, the EML file that stores Windows Live Mail emails data is converted to MS Outlook’s PST format.

In this rapidly growing digital world, Microsoft Outlook is now one of the most secure and preferred email applications among various large corporate organizations and individual users. However, there are number of users who also uses Windows Live Mail email client for sending and receiving their emails, contacts, calendars, notes, attachments, etc. but, for many years now they are switching their email client to Microsoft Outlook. Because, Microsoft no longer supports Windows Live Mail, it was discontinued by Microsoft in 2012. So, if you are planning to export Email files of Windows Live mail into Outlook PST, So this article may be useful to you.

Windows Live Mail uses EML or EMLX file format, which is very different from the file format used by Microsoft Outlook for data storage. But, if you want to access the data of Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook then you must need to convert Windows Live Mail Emails to Outlook compatible PST file format. So, let us find out the best method for this conversion.

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How to Resolve Error 0x80040600 in Microsoft Outlook?

Commonly, while we use Microsoft Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2019 to send or receive emails and receive the following unknown error 0x80040600. When this error occurs, it blocked all activities in Outlook related to file and folder. It will occur in any MS Outlook version. You can use free tools to resolve or fix this problem like ‘scanpst.exe’. Follow the steps below explained to get freed out with the error:

1. Close MS Outlook to run the ‘scanpst.exe’ inbox repair tool.

2. Go to search option in the Start menu and type SCANPST.EXE to locate it.

3. Double click on SCANPST.EXE and click on Browse to locate the corrupted MS Outlook PST file.

4. To start the recovery process Click the Scan button.

5. A message will appear on the screen and asking for Create Backup, to continue to click OK.

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