How to Import or Open Outlook for Mac OLM File into Outlook for Windows

Now days, Microsoft Outlook is a most preferred email client for users. Microsoft Outlook can be used on both the operating system Mac and Windows. If we see the functions of both operating system, than they look similar to each other, but there is a one difference between them that is the data storage format of both. Outlook for Mac is using OLM file format to storing all its data, where as MS Windows Outlook is using PST and OST file format to storing all its data. If you want to access your Mac Outlook data on Windows, then you have to migrate the OLM file format into PST file format because Windows Outlook cannot respond to OLM file format. There is no any other alternative technique which helps you to Import or Open  Mac OLM file into Windows Outlook PST file.

There is a manual method with the help of which you can access your Mac Outlook data on MS Windows Outlook. And it absolutely free of cost, but there is an issue with this method that if the conversion is not done in a right way than it may lead to data loss. So, if you want to secure your data than we recommend you to go for third party tool.

Manual Steps to Open Outlook for Mac OLM File to Windows Outlook

Manual method to convert the Mac OLM file to Window Outlook is very complicated. It cannot be used by users until and unless they have the knowledge about its procedure, because if you do anything wrong than it may lead to data loss.

Setting up an IMAP account

Step1. You can use Gmail to create an IMAP Account, once it is created then,

Step2.You go to the setting option and click on the “Gears” icon and select “setting”.

Manual Guide to Convert OLM to PST

Step3. On setting page click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

Step4. Now just see the IMAP status. If it is disabled than enable it. And click save changes.

OLM to PST Conversion Manual Process

 Here your IMAP Account has been created, now you have to set up your Mac Outlook to IMAP Account.

Set up Outlook for Mac with your IMAP mail account

Step1. First of all you have to open the Mac Outlook, than go to the menu bar; you just click on tool and choose account option from it.

Steps to Convert OLM to Outlook PST file

Step2. On the Account Window, you have to click on email option and enter your email account information in it.

Export OLM Files to Outlook PST format

Put your email address and password as shown below and click add account tab.

OLM to PST Converter Tool

Step3. Finally, your IMAP mail account has been added successfully.

Create a Gmail Label

Step1. You need to open your Gmail account.

Step2. Move to the setting page and click Label option given on the top of task bar.

How to Convert OLM to Outlook PST file

Step3. Now, you have to click on new label button.

Easy way to Convert OLM to PST file

Step4. In the new label dialog box, you have to enter the new label name and click create button given below.

OLM to PST Converter Software

Step5. Now, you go to your Mac Outlook and click on send/received button to upgrade the IMAP Account.

Migrate emails from Mac Outlook to IMAP

Step 1: you have to install Outlook for Mac on your system.
Step 2: Right-click on any mailbox item you want to move. Click Move > Copy to Folder.
Step 3: now enter the name of the folder in which you want to copy, and then click Copy.
Step 4: Now, you have to update your Mac Outlook IMAP data by clicking Send/receive button.

Here your all emails and other mailbox items get synced with IMAP mailbox folder. Now, you need to transfer all the mailbox data from IMAP mailbox folder to Windows Outlook. For this,

  • You need to set up the very same IMAP Mail account to the Windows Outlook.
  •  Now, you drag your IMAP mailbox folder data to Windows Outlook Inbox Folder.

Concluding words

The manual method is very tricky and dependent on the internet speed and server of IMAP email client. If you follow the manual procedure for converting Mac OLM file to Windows PST file format. You should have the sound knowledge of both the email clients, and working knowledge of IMAP Account. This method is risky because during OLM Conversion you may lose data. Therefore, in order to migrate Mac Outlook OLM file to Windows Outlook PST in a safe way. It is recommended you to use Regain OLM to PST Converter tool, which can convert your corrupt OLM file to PST file format without losing any data. You not required any technical knowledge to perform the task. It is easy to operate and user friendly.

MBOX Converter – Export Mac Outlook Emails to PST File

Today we will discuss about how to export Mac Outlook Emails to Windows Outlook PST format. we will serve various kinds of users who want to export MBOX file to PST file format. in this article we are going to summarize all the information you want to know about the export process and you will also get to know the limitations and advantages of both.

Export Mac Outlook Emails to Outlook PST 

There are two different types of email files, such as MBOX and PST. The MBOX files is used by some email programs to store the email messages, such as MBOX is the only file format supported by various email clients which include Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Incredimail, MozillaMail, Spicebird, Eudora, Pocomail, Netscape, Entourage, OperaMail, ClawsMail, SeaMonkey, Sylpheed, Evolution, etc. An MBOX file can only be opened in the respective email client. Whereas Microsoft Outlook is the only email client that supports the PST file format. So if you’re switching from any other email client to MS Outlook, you must convert MBOX files to PST file format. And there are two methods to convert MBOX file to Outlook PST file.

  1. Manually Convert MBOX file to Outlook PST file
  2. By Regain MBOX to PST Converter Software

How to export MBOX to PST manually

Manual method to export MBOX to PST file format

Step 1: Move Mailbox data in Apple mail

  • First you download the Apple mail into your system
  • Now, Open Apple Mail and go to File>> Import option.
  • Here you have to choose the option from where you want to import the data in MBOX format.
  • Click on Continue button and select the MBOX file location.
  • From the location, you need to choose MBOX files and click on Choose >> Continue option.
  • As the import process completed, click on “finish” button.

Step 2: Create mailbox using Eudora

  • You have to add MBOX file extension to the file that is imported. For example: ABCMBOX file needs to be changed to abcMBOX.mbx
  • Move this to Eudora directory. Default location of the file : “C: Documents and Settings user >> Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora”
  • Then, Open Eudora and double-click on ABCMBOX.mbx and Close the application.

Step 3: Import mailbox using Outlook Express:

  • Now install the Outlook Express. and
  • Now, Go to File >>Import >>Messages.
  • Here, Choose Eudora from the list of email applications and then choose Next.
  • Now, browse the location to select the ‘.mbox’ file and click on OK. Finally, click on Next>>Next >>Finish

The imported data can be used in the Local Folders, in Outlook Express.

Step4: Import Mailbox from Outlook express to MS Outlook

Please ensure that MS Outlook is properly installed to run into PST format.

  • Open your MS Outlook.
  • Now, move to the File>>import and export option.
  • Here, select import from “another file and folder” and click next.
  •  Choose Import Internet Mail and Addresses and click on Next
  • Now select “Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or window mail”. Click next
  • After that, select the file to import and export from the browser option and click next
  • Select finish after the process get completed.

The user can find the imported mailbox in your outlook client.

Though users can select either manual or automated solution to export MBOX to PST file format, let’s discuss the drawbacks of manual methods which the users generally face.

  • Manual methods are time-consuming and require lots of efforts.
  • While performing this task there are chances of data lose.
  • It requires technical expertise and granular knowledge.
  • It does not support multiple conversions of MBOX file to PST.

By Regain MBOX to PST Converter Tool 

The manual method has many drawbacks which can create problems while conversion process. And there is high risk of data lose while performing manual method. However, there are various software are available in the online market, due to which many users get confused while choosing the best software. It is an easy-to-use application, any technical or non-technical user can use this software with ease. It does not require any prior technical knowledge. This MBOX to PST converter also provide an trial version in which you can save 30 emails per folder at free of cost and also show you the previews of all convertible data in preview panel before purchasing the application.

Below are the most prominent features you’re getting in this software:

  • This application instantly Convert MBOX file to PST File in just few Clicks.
  • Provides option to Save Converted MBOX file to PST, EML, MSG, EMLX, HTML and Office 365 Platform.
  • It show Preview of Convertible emails before Saving
  • This tool is capable to convert 17+ MBOX-based email clients’  
  • There is no File Size Limit for conversion.
  • It supports all the Latest version of MS Outlook.
  • Use Free Trial Version, in which you can save 30 emails per folder at free of cost.

Free Ways to Convert OLM to PST File

Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac both are email clients developed by Microsoft. Outlook for both the operating system are much similar as compare to their functions. But there is minor difference between them that is file format of both, in which they stores their all data. MS Windows Outlook is using PST file format to store all the data such as Calendaring, Scheduling, Tasks, Contacts etc. Where, as Outlook for Mac uses OLM file format to store all user mailbox data.

OLM file vs. PST file

Outlook for Mac is using OLM file format to storing the data. But MS Outlook for Windows is using two types of file format to storing the data- PST and OST. Outlook storing all the data in OST file format when users are working in offline mode with Exchange Server. And store data in PST file format when Outlook is configured with POP3 Account.

Reasons for OLM to PST conversion

If you want to access your Mac Outlook data on Windows, than first you have to convert OLM to PST file format, because Windows does not support OLM file format. And then import PST file to Outlook for Windows. So, if you want to shift from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows then you need to convert OLM to PST file.

The common scenarios that require OLM to Outlook PST conversion are:

  • The users are moving from Mac system to a Windows system, than users have to move from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. So, users need OLM to PST Converter for the conversion.
  • If any user for the short time using a windows computer at office or home. To open his emails in Outlook for Mac, he has to convert the OLM to PST file format.

Manual Technique: OLM to PST Conversion

This manual method has been divided into four main steps. Which you have to follow step by step given below:

  1. Configure Outlook for Windows with the same IMAP account.
  2.  Create an IMAP account.
  3. Configure Outlook for Mac with the IMAP account.
  4. Export Outlook for Mac emails in an IMAP account
  1. First of all you have to create an IMAP Account using Gmail account.
    1. After creating Gmail account and move to its settings. On setting page, you will see forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, just click on it and enable your IMAP status. And save it.
  • Configure Outlook for Mac with IMAP Account
    • After creating IMAP account, you need to set up the Outlook for Mac and configure Outlook for Mac with IMAP Mail account.
    • For this you need to open Outlook for Mac on your device. Go to the tool box and select account option from the list appeared.
    • Now select emails from the Account Window. And enter email id, password, and other details.
    • Enter you need to enter IMAP server and choose SSL connection along with SMTP server and 465 as a port number ; then click Add Account.
  • Create a Gmail Label
    • First, you have to log in to your Gmail account. And click the Gear button on the top on the right side.
    • Now click on the Setting page, and click the Labels tab. Now click on Create new label button.
    • Here, on the New Label dialog box, enter the new label name. And click the create button.
    • After this, you need to go to your Mac Outlook and updates and IMAP mailbox by clicking on the send/received tab.
  • Move Emails from Mac Outlook to IMAP Mailbox.
    • First you have to open Outlook for Mac on your system.
    • Now right click any mailbox item you want to move. Then click move >copy to folder.
    • Now type the name of your IMAP folder and click copy.
    • After copying the selected mailbox data to IMAP mailbox, you have to update your Mac Outlook IMAP folder by clicking the Send /Received button.

A Professional tool for OLM to PST Conversion

Regain OLM to PST Converter is brilliant software for the OLM to PST conversion solution which is created to effectively convert OLM to PST or Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows. This OLM to PST Converter is very much powerful and having advance feature which make it easy and fast to convert OLM file to PST file format. This software gives you 100% data security and also ensure the safety of your all the database. This OLM to PST Converter also ensures that you don’t have to perform a complex steps for conversion. So, if you are searching for OLM to PST Converter solution than you should use this Regain OLM to PST Converter. This software is capable to convert your OLM to PST files with high accuracy and fast speed without losing any data.

Quick procedure for OLM to PST Conversion

First you install the OLM to PST Converter software and open it on your system.

  1. Enter OLM file and browse it.
OLM to PST Software - Home Screen

2.      Select the OLM file which you want to convert. And click open.

Select OLM file for Conversion

3.      Now you will get all preview of all OLM file ready for conversion.

Conversion process initiated
Show Preview of Convertible Emails

5.      Select the file format in which you want to convert OLM file. And click on browse tab.

Select file format to save emails

6.      Finally, your OLM file has been converted to PST file format.

7.      This tool will export your OLM file directly to Office 365 and Live Exchange Server in just one click. See the screenshot given below:

Successfully save OLM to PST

Migrate OLM to Office 365 Account